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The privacy rules-policy and conditions stated below are valid for the protection, confidentiality, processing-use of information and communications and other issues on the WEBSITE. The Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (hereinafter referred to as KVKK) was adopted on March 24, 2016 and published in the Official Gazette No. 29677 dated April 7, 2016. Some of the KVKK entered into force on the date of publication, and some of them entered into force on October 7, 2016 6.1. The necessary measures for the security of the information (mobile phone, e-mail, credit/debit card, etc.) and transactions entered by the BUYER on the WEBSITE have been taken in the system infrastructure on the SELLER side, according to the nature of the information and transaction, within the scope of today’s technical possibilities. However, since the information in question is entered from the BUYER’s device, it is the responsibility of the BUYER to take the necessary measures, including those related to viruses and similar harmful applications, in order to protect them by the BUYER and to prevent them from being accessed by unrelated persons.


In addition to and confirming the permissions-approvals of the personal data and commercial electronic communications given by the BUYER in other ways; The information obtained during the BUYER’s membership and shopping on the WEBSITE may be recorded indefinitely or for a period of time to be stipulated by the SELLER for the provision of various products/products and all kinds of information, advertising-promotion, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, credit card applications, and may be stored in printed/magnetic archives, and updated when deemed necessary, It can be shared, transferred, transferred, used and processed in other ways. This data may also be forwarded to the relevant Authorities and Courts when required by law. The BUYER has consented and allowed the use, sharing, processing of existing and new non-personal information within the above scope in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data and electronic commerce legislation, and to make commercial and non-commercial electronic communications and other communications.


The BUYER may stop the use of data, its processing and/or the communication by reaching the SELLER through the specified communication channels and/or by reaching the same channels in accordance with the legal procedure or by using the right of rejection in electronic communications sent to him. According to the BUYER’s clear notification in this regard, personal data transactions and/or communications to the party are stopped within the legal maximum period; In addition, if it wishes, its information, except for those that are legally required and/or possible, is deleted from the data recording system or anonymized in a way that cannot be identified. If the BUYER wishes, the transactions related to the processing of his personal data, the persons to whom it is transferred, the correction in case of incomplete or incorrect, the notification of the corrected information to the relevant third parties, the deletion or destruction of the data, the objection to the emergence of a result against him by analyzing it with automated systems, the elimination of damage in case of damage due to the unlawful processing of the data, always to the SELLER through the above communication channels can apply and get information. Applications and requests on these issues will be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods or may not be accepted by explaining the legal justification to the party.


Regarding all kinds of information and content of the WEBSITE and their arrangement, revision and partial/complete use; Except for those belonging to other third parties according to the SELLER’s agreement; all intellectual-industrial rights and property rights belong to the SELLER.


The SELLER reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary in the above matters; These changes are effective from the moment they are announced by the SELLER on the WEBSITE or by other appropriate methods.


On other sites accessed from the WEBSITE, their own privacy-security policies and terms of use apply, and the SELLER is not responsible for any disputes and negative consequences that may occur.

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